Profile of the company

Lakeside Watersports Pvt Ltd is a new project in water sports in Malabar area. It helps to provide an international exposure to our members in India. We are planning to provide training in sailing &kayaking to age group of 8-80 and physically challenged people and will conduct sailing programs and competition in Sea and rivers.The training and practice sessions will directly conduct by Lakeside Watersports Pvt Ltd with authorized personnel from London Water Sports Company Ltd. Lakeside Watersports Pvt Ltd is registered office in Calicut and will expand the project to all parts of Kerala. We hope this venture will attract the tourists and locals and will build novelty in Kerala Tourism development.


CEO – Ayhan Koya – In the initial stage, Ayhan Koya will act as CEO who will be the main investor and founder of Lakeside Watersports Pvt Ltd. Ayhan is British Citizen with Indian origin. He has done various training programs in Sailing & Kayaking and he is a life time member of Royal Yacht Association of UK.

Vice President – E.P.Mohamed KoyaMohamed Koya has vast 29 years of experience in Govt. Service of Kerala and will handle the legal matters of Lakeside Watersports Pvt Ltd.  

VIsion and Mission

The mission of Lakeside Watersports Pvt Ltd is to become the premier provider of adventure sailing & kayaking for 8- to 80 years’ old people. Lakeside Watersports Pvt Ltd is dedicated to build long-term relationships with customers through quality training and customer support, and wants to be recognized as the leading adventure Sailing & Kayaking Company starting from Malabar area and to grow to different parts of Kerala. The Company’s goal is to grow steadily, becoming profitable by the second year of operations.

• To raise a community attentiveness about Sailing & Kayaking

• To improve the quality of community life through increased social interaction and sharing of information 

• To apply ecologically justifiable uses and practices while training

• To create a passionate group by giving mental pleasure and energy who are physically challenged 

The activites that are planned by the company to take up in kerala

Lakeside Watersports Pvt Ltd can provide training for Malabar people in Sailing
& Kayaking throughout the year. Whilst many kayaking clubs are focused on a particular aspect of kayaking (racing – either sprint or marathon, white water, sea kayaking, etc), De Lakeside Watersports Pvt Ltd have more of a general feel to wind surfing sailing and kayaking.

The training programs include:

Beginning Wind Sailing & Kayaking

• Basic River Safety Advanced River Safety

• CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation = Reviving the Heart and Lungs) & essential while doing kayaking & Sailing

• Instructor Training
• Advanced Classes (Sailing, Rescuing, First Aid, etc.)

• Private Instruction First Aid which is To explain more about Lakeside Watersports Pvt Ltd functions, it is worthy to familiar with the terms in Sailing & Kayaking: